Carol Killett

Born in Newark but living with her partner in Castle Bytham for the last 10 years, Carol has been taking time out from work recently but is now putting some of her interests and skills to good use through The Power of Women Experience.

Coming out of school with O Levels in Art, French and English and a CSE in Maths, after 10 years at British Sugar she worked in dog boarding kennels for a while before joining Newark MIND where she was responsible for admin, drop-in facilitation and running a women’s group.

After leaving MIND, Carol became a carer for her partner’s mum for two years and since 2012 has also been a volunteer carer for the elderly needing company and help with shopping and other tasks.

Despite suffering from anxiety and depression throughout her life and after a bit of a breakdown, she is determined not to let this define who she is – it’s OK not to be OK sometimes and important to treat each day as a new day…

Top of the list of her passions are dogs – she has never been without one, currently has two (a German Shepherd called Mak and a terrier named Ted) and finds that they have helped her tremendously.

She also enjoys yoga, meditation, Nordic walking and Pilates, she loves painting crafting and being surrounded by colour, nature and beautiful things.

Carol is currently taking a vegan nutritionist’s course and, inspired by a concept from a book by Simon Sinek, is training herself in the art of Finding Your Why, something which she’s put to good use with great success recently helping several people discover their why – the thing that motivates them to get out of bed each morning and do what they do…

Alongside Deb and Stacey, she’s now looking forward to sharing some of her passions and new skills with others through The Power of Women Experience.